The most important thing to do when training your team


Do you manage a growing team? Are you struggling to keep them informed and trained? One of the most powerful things I learned is to start with an assessment, by creating scenario-based multiple choice questions, based on observed training opportunities and work backwards from there. By creating the test questions first, you’ll be better informed about the kind of training you need to build. (more…)

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Don’t sweat for tech: make customer service skills your hiring priority

Angry Service Rep

In the 2006 movie “Rocky Balboa”, Sylvester Stallone wanted to cast a real boxer (Antonio Tarver) in the role of Mason Dixon, as he thought it would be easier to teach a real boxer how to act than to teach an actor how to box convincingly. In the world of customer service, it’s been my experience that it’s easier to train a passionate customer service rep the technical skills they need to solve problems than it is to teach a technician the soft skills, empathy and caring that many would recognize as world-class customer service.


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Find the right customer service hires using scenarios and online testing


Smart customer service managers know that hiring is one of the most important things we do; how important becomes painfully obvious when we hire people who lack the written communications skills needed for the role. In this article, I want to share the method I’ve used to test our job candidates written skills. It’s simple, and very powerful; so powerful in fact, that I can walk into most  interviews having never read a candidate’s resume and have a pretty good sense about their fit within our organization.


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Customer Pet Peeve #421:
The “Premature Solve”

Sad Dog

Very few things are more frustrating to a customer as an email help request that’s marked “Solved” when it isn’t. Too many help desks and contact centres do not understand the great emotional pain the Solved status can cause their customers. If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this article, it’s that the “Solved” status is an emotional trigger for a customer and it should only be used after the customer agrees to it.


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Welcome to the final days of 2012…

…and the beginning of a new customer conversation.

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For most of us, a year-end brings with it an honest assessment of our achievements during the previous 365 days. While reviewing my own efforts, I realized something: I was no longer sharing what I was learning. (more…)

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