Welcome to the final days of 2012…

…and the beginning of a new customer conversation.

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For most of us, a year-end brings with it an honest assessment of our achievements during the previous 365 days. While reviewing my own efforts, I realized something: I was no longer sharing what I was learning.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve blogged about subjects that not only interested me, but also about things I thought would be helpful to others. When things got busier for me, I had no shortage of excuses for why I stopped sharing, despite the fact that sharing new things brings me significant satisfaction.

I guess it’s not so hard to understand how I got here; lots of people stop doing what they love when they get busy. Wilful neglect of this basic need, has meant that despite my happiness with my professional career, my overall level of personal satisfaction was sorely lacking.

I’ve decided make some changes in order to get back to doing what I love; it means I’ll stop doing some things I do today to make room for writing things here.

In 2013, as much as I am able, I will share what I’ve learned, including insights I’ve gleaned working our customers, and my team. My hope is that in my own way, I’ll contribute to a better customer experience, and set an example that encourages other customer service professionals to contribute as well.

Welcome to my first post.

We’re living in exciting times for customer service; there’s a lot to talk about. Tips for hiring the right people, designing business process that’s focused on the customer, social media as a function within customer service, pitfalls related to software service implementation are just some of the subjects I’d like to talk about. I have as much to learn as I to to share; this is the sort of stuff I hope we can talk about and learn from each other in the months ahead.

Happy New Year (and thanks for being here),

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    Hi Ben, I have read all your posts from the very first one to the most recent posts. I think they are very useful to me. I am very interested in customer service and would like to learn many tips and knowledge from your blog on how to improve customer service. Thanks for sharing :)